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Bullying has become an international problem; however, Private Martial Arts Training can help fight off bullying according to the Martial Arts instructors at the IIMAF.

Unfortunately there could be over 3 million students who are bullied each year in United States according to some recent studies, and the issue is even bigger around the world. When teens and children are bullied, his or her future could be effected and reduce their chances of having a happy life. According to the Imperial International Martial Arts Federation, Private Martial Arts Training could help teens and children combat bullying.

Today's, Private Martial Arts Training has become an important tool for parents who are worried their teens and children's safety and bullying in and out side of school. Private Martial Arts Training could help teens and children learn how to protect themselves through Private Self-Defense Training. Private Martial Arts Training can also help teens and children learn self confidence, self discipline, and ward off potential bullies. According to the Martial Art teachers at the IIMAF, Private Martial Arts Training can also help teach teens and children self-control as well as provide them with the right confidence that they may lack.

Private Training

Most student who contact us want to learn Self defense, Martial Arts and Fitness. They want to become more lean and confident. This is why every student can take 1-to-1 private classes per week, all of which are taught by fully Certified Instructors. Why not try different classes at the beginning to find out which one is right for you. We will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Private Training for Children and Teens:

You have seen how fast kids learn in their first years? Adults can barely imagine this pace and easiness. Martial arts Training can be useful in many different situations. Children develop fast. If a child struggles with some Techniques , our coaches can help him or her learn them faster. Martial Arts can improve self-confidence. Children build up an individual pattern of self-respect which helps quit a self-perception as a victim. School, parents, siblings, friends, the media and the internet all Influence children. Sometimes their self-perception does not match reality. Martial Arts styles like Kuksool Hapkido, Karate and Taekwondo as well as individual training can result in a well-balanced attitude. Self-confidence in their abilities will be boosted by Private coaching which in return helps the child to be happy and do good in school which can develop the basis for harmony and success.

Private Lessons, until recently was only offered for adults, but now is available for your Children and Teens!

Let's get our children fit and ready for the future.

We train your children in these areas:

Sense of achievement
And much more...
Intensive Training or workshops are also available.

Martial Arts Training, Kuk Sool Hapkido, Power Karate, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Hard Qigong and Tae Kwon Do, Group Training Classes