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About IMAF

Home Invasion Situations, Street Confrontations, Robberies, Burglaries, Attempted Rape Situations, Kidnapping Situations, Hostage Situations, Work Place Violence Situations, Hold Up Situations, Road Rage Situations, Aviation Personal Safety Matters, Car Jacking Situations, Confrontations with persons under the Influence of Substances, Attempted Homicide Situations, Private Persons Arrest Situations, 'Fighting For Your Life Situations’ and more. Our Training Scenarios can teach our students to ignore unrelated distractions. Other training methods are created to increase Anxiety that can include Low Light or No Light Training Exercises, which can train a person to feel how it is to be near exhaustion before dealing with criminal attackers.


The IIMAF System of Executive Self Defense and Fitness has been developed for Civilian Self Defense needs. The instructors at IIMAF understand that most forms of traditional Martial Arts systems do not address the needs of today’s modern Self Defense needs. The IIMAF understands Modern Self Defense needs. Today’s Criminals are much more Dangerous than the Criminals of the past. All of those traditional Martial Arts systems were originally created for the Ancient times. Today Dangers and Self Defense Circumstances require a system of fighting for today’s drastically different situations then that of the past. What people today need is efficient Self Defense and Fitness training.

Martial Arts Training, Kuk Sool Hapkido, Power Karate, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Hard Qigong and Tae Kwon Do, Group Training Classes