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Mixed Martial Arts


The Imperial International Martial Arts Federation Multi-Martial Arts Training:

The IIMAF is a professional Martial Arts organization. The Media has given a lot of attention to Mix Martial Arts recently, which has led to increased popularity of Mix or Multi-Martial Arts around the world! But we teach Mixed Martial Arts for Self-Defense.

IIMAF Hand and Arm Techniques:

Punches and Hand Strikes are highly emphasized in the Imperial International Martial Arts Federation's type of Mix or Multi-Martial Arts. Our non-complicated strikes can be useful in almost any Self-Defense Situation. Training in Royal Muay Thai Kick Boxing is highly emphasized. Among the Hand Strikes taught are the: Cross Punch, Jab Punch, Palm Heel Hand Strike, Low Punch, Back Fist, Hammer Fist, Hook Punch, Uppercut Punch, Knife Hand Strike, Open Hand Chops, Forearm Strikes, Overhand Strikes, as well as Round House Elbows Strikes, Upper Cut Elbow Strikes, Back Elbow Strikes, Hook Elbow Strikes, etc.

IIMAF Kicking and Leg Techniques:

While the IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts does teach Fancy Kicks, it focuses more on efficient, Low-Risk Kicks. Our main focus is on Low Kicks. More advanced fancy and risky kicks are taught at higher belt levels, but the use of them is discouraged. High Kicks are primarily taught so that students are able to recognize and defend against them in a Criminal attack. Some of the Leg and Kicking Techniques that are taught in the IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts include:

The Push Kicks, Front kicks, Round Kicks, Side Kicks, Back Kicks, Low Jump kicks, Snap Kicks, Power Kicks, Hammer Kicks, Axe Kicks, Spinning Kicks, Power Kicks, Speed Kicks, Snap Kicks, Toe Kicks, Shin Kicks, Heel Kicks, etc. Plus Many Different Knee Kicks and Knee Strikes, and Leg Sweeps.

IIMAF Head Butt Strikes:

IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts teaches all Logical Modern and Ancient Techniques, including the Head Butt, Strikes as an Offensive and Defensive Technique.

IIMAF Fighting Techniques:

At the IIMAF, Students are taught to go from the Casual Position to Attacking the Criminals who are a harming them, as soon as they can. Most of the blocking Techniques are just Covering and Deflecting Techniques; they are designed to protect the Vital Areas of the Defender's body. A student can learn how to fight against Grappling, Kicks, and Punches, as well as learning how to fight against attackers from many different angles.

IIMAF Standing Grappling, Take downs and Throws:

Throws are covered in the IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Training. We encourage our Students not to Fight on the Ground. Some of the Grappling Techniques include Wrist Locks, Joint Locks, One and Two Leg Take Downs, the Hip Throws, Projection Throws, Neck Throws, One or Two Arm Shoulder Throws, Back Throws, Control Holds Arm Locks, Leg Locks, Neck Locks, etc.

IIMAF Ground Grappling and Ground Fighting:

At the IIMAF, Our Students are Trained to Fight on the Ground, but we stress staying away from Ground Fighting, if possible, but if a student really has to go to the Ground, and has no choice, but to fight on the Ground. That is why we train our students on Ground Fighting. The IIMAF Students are taught some of the best Ground Fighting Techniques. We will show them how to throw certain Ground Fighting kicks while on the Ground, Triangle Chokes, Holds, Arm Bars, and Guillotine Chock Holds, Arm Locks, Leg Locks, Neck Locks, etc. The IIMAF students are also taught to fight against Punching and Hand Strike Attacks while on the Ground. Some of the Techniques include: Fighting from Mounted Position, Side Position, Full Guard, Half Guard, The Mount, Back Control, Choke Holds, and Head Locks. Students are taught how to get out them, as well.

IIMAF Knife, Belt, Chain and Stick, Bat Defensive and Offensive Techniques:

The IIMAF can Train you in Offensive and Defensive ways to Deal with Weapons. Removing and defending against many Weapon Attacks. These IIMAF Techniques can include Knife Defense and Offensive Techniques, Gun Defense Techniques, and Bat, Chain, Belt, Pole and Stick, Striking Weapon Defense and Offensive Techniques. These Defensive Techniques are Very Serious. A student needs to have a Very Good Understanding of the Techniques before they try to apply them with in the limits of the LAW. The use of each Defensive Techniques can vary with various Situations and needs Constant Training. Many Law Enforcement and Military Personal around the World, Including Many Special Forces Personal train in Knife, Baton, Stick Fighting and Weapons Defensive Tactics as part of their Weapons Training Courses. At the IIMAF, we Train our students in possibly similar Defensive and Offensive Tactics that could be thought to train the Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Agents around the world. IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Techniques could be used in Hand to Hand Fighting Situations in Urban Warfare. One day we hope IIMAF Schools can be found in many locations around the World. The Imperial International Martial Arts Federation can Train Bodyguards. The IIMAF Techniques can be used in Evacuating Dignitaries and Celebrities through hostile Situations. Also, the Techniques for immobilizing several Criminals quickly are a vital tool for Body Guards and Security Protection Personal. Certain IIMAF Techniques can be deployed in Situations, like Crowd Control.

IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Specific and Realistic Training:

Training Scenarios are used to train our students for situations encountered on the Streets, Work, etc. We can train you for: Dangerous Encounters which can include, Home Invasion Situations Defensive Tactics, Street Confrontations Defensive Tactics, Robberies Defensive Tactics, Burglaries Defensive Tactics, Attempted Rape Situations Defensive Tactics, Kidnapping Situations Defensive Tactics, Hostage Situations Defensive Tactics, Work Place Violence Situations Defensive Tactics, Hold Ups Situations Defensive Tactics , Road Rage Situations Defensive Tactics, Aviation Personal Safety Matters and Defensive Tactics , Car Jacking Situations Defensive Tactics , Confrontations with persons under the Influence of Substances Defensive Tactics, Attempted Homicide Situations Defensive Tactics , Private Persons Arrest Situations, 'Fighting For Your Life Situations, etc. Our Training Scenarios can teach our students to ignore unrelated distractions. Other training methods are created to increase Anxiety that can include Low Light or No Light Training exercise which can train a person to feel how it is to be near exhaustion before dealing with Criminal Attackers. The IIMAF Outdoors training can be done on a variety of floor surfaces and restrictive Conditions which can be very challenging. The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Training will also cover Environmental Awareness training to develop an understanding of the surroundings and potentially threatening circumstances before a person becomes a victim of an attack. We will also cover many different ways to deal with the psychological stressors which comes from fighting. Our students are also trained in Verbal Methods (Verbal Combat) to avoid Dangers Confrontations, where ever possible.

The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts for Self-Defense Personal Protection can be the best Combat Training System. Our Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Training is not for Martial Arts Competition. It does not include any Form's, Kata's or Hyung's. Many believe that about 500 b.c. the Martial Arts were developed by the Imperial Martial Arts Instructors, which trained the Imperial Guards in order to protect their Monarchs, Government and their Nation. Mix or Multi-Martial Arts for Personal Protection involves Striking Techniques, Standing Ground Grappling Techniques. The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts are mostly known for its extremely fast, strong, efficient, brutal attacks and counter-attacks. Such Techniques can be taught to Military and Law Enforcement. The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Training is also useful for Civilians who are looking for the best in Personal Protection Training. The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts students learn our System so they can defend themselves against Criminals. The Imperial International Martial Arts Federation has been providing hand-to-hand Mix Martial Arts Combat Training to any Lawful person, who wants to develop their Spirit, Mind, and Body. Our students can become Highly Skilled Mix Martial Artist. Our version of Mix Martial Arts includes Royal Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Boxing, Grappling, Kuksool, Hapkido, Power Karate, Taekwondo, Hard Qigong, Grappling etc. The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts is a Practical and Lethal Martial Arts System.

IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts have a Personal Protection Philosophy, which emphasizes in Threat Immobilization, Simultaneous Defensive and Offensive Techniques, which can lead to justified Violence. At the Imperial International, Martial Arts Federation training is used to improve a person’s ability to defend themselves in close Combat Situations. Many believe that these Techniques have been developed by Martial Arts Masters over the past 2500 years and have been adopted by many Law Enforcement, Special Forces, Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Organizations. There are several teaching variations of Mix or Multi-Martial Arts we cover at this Federation.

IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Basic Principles:

Generally, there are no rules of Combat in The Imperial International Martial Arts Federation Mix Martial Arts Personal Protection System, Except for,” The LEGAL Use of Force Principle', meaning not using excessive force for any given situation, but enough force to overcome the criminal attackers. Our style is a Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Fighting System, which is not regulated by Martial Arts Competition Rules; it utilizes every Legal Use of Force for a person to protect themselves in a violent encounter. In many situations, our students need to be ready and able to protect themselves and their Loved Ones from Criminal Elements, harm, and danger. Our students can learn to Stop the Attacking Violent Criminals by any Legal and Morally Justified means necessary. Men and Women generally undergo the same Training Drills. The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Training is not Sport Martial Arts Training for competition or Cage Fighting There are no official competition rules. There are Shoes, Uniforms and Training Attire, which is not necessary to wear if a student does not wish to do so. Our students are given Belts, which shows their (rank) progress within the IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts System.

IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts General Principles Include:

There are Attacking and Counter Attacking Techniques in many situations. Every student is taught to Counter an Attack as soon as possible or even, Attacking First if legally and morally justified. Targeting attacks to the Criminals Attackers most vulnerable areas, such as the Vital Points, Head, Face, Upper Body, and Lower Extremities. Immobilizing the Criminals as soon as possible, by responding with an unbroken Combination of Explosive Techniques and Counter Techniques. Throwing, Take Downs, Joint Locks, Joint Breaks and Control Techniques.

Our students are trained to always Maintaining Awareness of their Environment while dealing with the primary Criminals Attackers who seem to be an Immediate Threat. Our students are Trained to keep their eyes open for ways of escape and or to spot further Criminal Attackers. The IIMAF Stylist are Trained in finding and using household and everyday objects to defend themselves, if necessary. IIMAF Training is a mixer of Athletic and Non-Athletic Training. Protective pads and other personal protection equipment may be used during training.

Part of the IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts History:

Many believe that the Mix or Multi-Martial Arts were developed by Martial Arts Master's dating back to 500 B.C.; Our Humble Sensei first taught his Fighting System in public parks to help civilians learn how to protect themselves from Violent Criminals. With the establishment of the Imperial International Martial Arts Federation in 1992, Our Humble Coach/Teacher/Chief Master Instructor or (Sensei for short) started Training his students in Martial Art Fitness and Martial Arts Fighting. Proper Fitness can be very much related to Street Combat Readiness. The Chief Master has been Training students since 1992. Ever since 1992, he has continued to develop and refine his hand-to-hand Mix Martial Arts Combat Training. In both Military and Law Enforcement contexts, Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Training can be very useful in Self-Defense Situations. At the IIMAF, our Mix or Multi-Martial Arts System has improved to meet Civilian Personal Protection needs, as well.

At the Imperial International Martial Arts Federation, the Hopes of our Humble Sensei is for his System of Mix or Multi-Martial Arts to spread to the four corners of the World. That is why there was a great need for this Website: which was first introduced to the public in 1998. The IIMAF Training was not known to many. Now, we hope that People around the World could start to train in this Unique Mix Martial Arts System of The Imperial International Martial Arts Federation. The Imperial International Martial Arts Federation wants to Develop IIMAF Mix Martial Arts experts in the United States and around the World. We invite all just and moral people to Learn IIMAF Mix Martial Arts from the Imperial International Martial Arts Federation.

IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Techniques:

Our style integrates Techniques from Royal Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Street Fighting, Western Boxing, Kuksool, Hapkido, Karate, Taekwondo, Hard Qigong, Grappling, etc.

IIMAF Leadership:

There are thousands of Martial Arts organizations around the world today, teaching variants Martial Arts. Many of these organizations are currently led by Businessmen. Our Organization wants to improve the lives of each and every one of our students and and members. The Imperial International Martial Arts Federation claims successor ship based on years of training, respect, and a close relationship With the Chief Master, the founder of the IIMAF. The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts System is the Self-Defense version of Mix or Multi-Martial Arts. Our training is Practical and is a no-nonsense way to learn Personal Self-Defense.

We hope The IIMAF Style of Mix or Multi-Martial Arts will become popular among the Ethical Men and Women of the World.

Please Think before you act. Always think about the consequences of your actions.

There are 4 types of applications: for Civilians, Law Enforcement, Body Guards, Protection and Security Personnel, and the Military. These 4 applications of IIMAF Mix Martial Arts are slightly different, due to there Specialized Needs. Furthermore; the Civilian Training at IIMAF includes different distinct Fighting Styles, such as Kuksool, Hapkido, Royal Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Karate, Boxing, Grappling and Taekwondo. The IIMAF Fitness and Weight Training Curriculum focuses on Fitness, Cardio Body Hardening, and Strength Development Workouts. The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts emphasizes an understanding of the Dynamics of Dangerous and Hostile Environments. Focusing on Realistic Fighting, and Training to Defeat against multiple attackers at once.

IIMAF Rank and Belt Grading System:

The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts Training does have a Ranking System, but it is not mandatory for students to Follow. A Belt Ranking System can help a student see their own progress.

The IIMAF Color Belt Ranking System is based on the IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido Ranking System. The Belt Ranks are White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Purple Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt, Brown I Belt, Brown II Belt, Red Belt, Red/Black Belt and Then there are the Black Belt Degrees. Black Belt students can move up the ranks from 1st Degree Black Belt up to 10Th Degree Black Belt. The time and requirements for Moving up the Black Belt Degrees and Color Belts can depend on the hundreds to thousands of hours of training.

IIn order to graduate a level of Color Belt or Black Belt, our students have to demonstrate proficiency in All of the Techniques levels of all the Belts of the past, before his or her rank can advance. The majority of our students do well and pass their belt tests, due to the fact that our Classes are Private and there is a lot more attention given to each student. However, some students want to pass to the instructor's Training Courses, which the minimum requirement is being a 2nd Degree Black Belt or higher. Having a Black Belt does not make a person an Instructor. The Expert Level students can learn similar techniques That could be thought to the Military, Body Guards and possibly to the Security Protection individuals. There are true Self Defense Techniques as well as advanced Sparring and Combat Fighting skills that a student can learn. People who hold these high ranks are strong but also kind. In order to progress to the Instructor levels, a person has to demonstrate proficiency in all of the Color Belt Techniques plus, the 1st Degree, 2nd Degree Black Belt requirements and they should have an excellent understanding of each Technique. Beyond the Instructor’s Levels, are the Master’s Ranks, However, these Ranks are held by Only a small number of person's. The Masters's ranks are reserved only for those students who have Dedicated many years to The IIMAF Mix or Multi-Martial Arts System and have or will make valuable contributions In Training, Teaching and promoting this very Unique form of Mix or Multi-Martial Art Self Defense System. Each Black Belt student Is Awarded a Black Belt and a large citation and a certificate.


We need to understand that all humans make mistakes, NO human is perfect.

As a Civilian I.I.M.A.F. Martial Artist, my fundamental duty is to safeguard my life, the life of my loved ones and my property; to have Compassion for all living things, to assist the Innocent (as much as I can), to assist the Weak (as much as I can), to assist the Crippled (as much as I can), to assist the Blind (as much as I can), to assist the Sick (as much as I can), to assist the Poor (as much as I can), to assist the Disabled (as much as I can), to assist the Homeless (as much as I can), to assist the Elderly (as much as I can) and to assist the the Helpless (as much as I can).


Please remember that Good personal hygiene is Very Important and a Must to promote good health. Good Personal hygiene habits such as taking Regular Showers, Wearing Deodorant, Wearing Clean Clothing, Smelling Good, Washing Hands Regularly and brushing and flossing teeth regularly is a secret of long life and will help keep bacteria, viruses, and illnesses away.


I will keep improving my private life as an example to all. I will try to be courageous and calm in the face of danger. I need to understand that, No matter what I do, No matter what I say, some will criticize me and some will praise me. I will try to develop self-restraint, and be constantly mindful of the welfare of my self and the ones who care for me. I will try my best to be Honest in my Thoughts, Words, and Deeds in both my personal life and my public life. I will obey the laws of my civilized Government. If I don't agree with the laws of my Government, I will try to change them in a peaceful and legal manner.

I will try my best not to act due to my prejudices, animosities, hate, revenge, and anger. I will not engage in crime. I will respect the law courteously and appropriately without fear. I will Never use Excessive Force to Defend my self or others. I will not engage in risky behavior. I will keep in mind that "Nothing" good or bad will last forever and every end is a new beginning.

I will recognize my Martial Arts abilities as a symbol of Personal Achievement, Inner Strength and Personal Growth. I understand that I will be held accountable for my actions. I will constantly strive to achieve my objectives and ideals, dedicating myself to my family/The ones who care for me and to my chosen and respectful profession, whatever that may be. I will not take the law into my own hands.

(As a Non-civilian I will comply with the policy, procedures and the code of ethics of my agency.)

Remember that the Ones that Will Easily Lie for you, Will also Easily Lie to you.

Chief Master (Sensei) Shawn Shervan, 2016

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